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A professional copyeditor does far more than correct errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. S/he refines language, eliminates redundancies, and improves clarity and stylistic "flow" while remaining true to the author's voice, tone, and intended meaning. S/he also ensures consistency in the presentation of data, verifies the accuracy of bibliographic information provided for references, and modifies formatting to conform to the style guidelines of target publications.

A true professional will not offer the cheapest price nor promise the quickest turnaround time. Instead s/he will commit to giving your work the care and attention it deserves. 

No matter whether you are a native speaker or have learned English as a foreign language, whether you are a graduate student completing your dissertation or a well-established researcher with a substantial portfolio, engaging the services of a talented and skilled copyeditor can greatly increase your chances of being 

accepted for publication. 

I have had the privilege and pleasure of helping hundreds of authors enhance the quality of their manuscripts, and I can do the same for you.



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“Karen is an excellent copyeditor and proofreader of academic texts and can handle work in a broad range of subject areas, especially art-related topics. She is strict with deadlines, thorough  with texts, and conducts the necessary research the editorial job requires. At all times I have found her to be reliable, hardworking, and meticulous in her work.” ~ Çiçek Kılıç, Publisher, ALEF Publishing, Istanbul, Turkey
“In skillfully editing papers from a diverse range of fields (including chemistry, finance, media, political science, engineering, geography and geospatial analysis, environmental sciences, physics, agricultural studies, sociology, linguistics, and medicine) in both U.S. and British English, Karen has shown adaptability, flexibility, knowledge, and intellectual sophistication of a very high caliber.” ~ Einar Engvig, Chief Editor, SmartStudy, Beijing, China
“Karen has handled several dozen manuscripts I have subsequently had published in international scientific journals. She has never shown frustration nor lost patience when dealing with my countless mistakes and change requests. She is a professional, meticulous, and patient editor and I recommend her services to serious scientists as she is a sheer joy to work with.” ~ Dr. Michel Bariche, Professor of Biology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
“My paper was carefully revised with several instances of improved words and phrases. There has been visible improvement. The grammar has also been modified, each correction accompanied by a detailed explanation. I feel as though my paper is much improved.” ~ Dr. Fei Wang, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China


“Wonderful, outstanding. . . . She has touched up many articles for me, with a cumulative influence factor of more than 15 points.”    
~ Dr. Guosong Zhang, College of Life Sciences, Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biotechnology of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu, China



I have always had a passion for language. My professional life began with a master's degree in Education and a specialization in Linguistics and ESL, leading to a career teaching language and academic skills to English language learners preparing to enter or already enrolled in university. Over time, I gradually narrowed my focus to undergraduate and graduate academic writing, and have dedicated most of the past twenty years to developing, leading, and teaching with writing programs at universities in the United States and around the world. 


My writing courses focus on composition, rhetoric, research, and critical analysis in a variety of subject areas. In such courses, I work closely with students on content development, organizational strategy, coherence, discipline-specific formatting and citation style, awareness of audience, tone, and the subtle nuances of word choice and grammar. This work as an educator has given me a strong foundation in research and the conventions of scholarly writing in a wide range of disciplines.


It seemed only natural to begin editing fourteen years ago, as it is a perfect melding of my background in research writing and language instruction with my own love of learning. Initially, I dealt almost exclusively with clients whose first language was not English, and these days one of my specialties is indeed polishing the work of non-native users of English. However, my editing work has since expanded to include texts written by native English speakers. I have extensive experience in copy editing for cultural organizations, nonprofits, university presses, and independent publishing houses as well as for individual clients seeking to publish their books, research articles, dissertations, and conference papers.

Karen Zahorchak

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